Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)

    ARD - Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition in Pennsylvania

    The ARD program (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) is intended to keep first-time offenders out of the criminal justice system. Depending on the Pennsylvania county in which you were arrested, you may be eligible for ARD for crimes such as first offense DUI, shoplifting, theft and other non-violent crimes.

    The benefits of completing an ARD program are considerable. You will be able to stay out of jail, avoid a license suspension in the case of DUI and keep your record free from a criminal conviction. At our Central Pennsylvania law firm, Curcillo Law, our criminal defense attorney, Joseph A. Curcillo III, helps people with entering and completing ARD programs. He is highly knowledgeable about the programs in the counties in which he practices and uses this to help clients navigate the system.

    The ARD Process

    The primary requirements for admissions to an ARD program include a clean record and an offense that meets the criteria in the specific county. We will attend your preliminary hearing and request ARD if you meet the qualifications. Once your application is approved by the district attorney's office, you will have another hearing before the judge, during which we will advocate for your placement in the ARD program. The judge will then determine how long you will need to remain in the program and what you will need to do to demonstrate successful completion of ARD.

    Once you have completed the conditions set forth by the judge, we will help you have your record expunged, or cleaned. It is critical to have the expungement process completed correctly, because potential employers and licensing agencies conduct criminal background checks. If your record is not properly expunged, it will seem as if you never completed ARD. We ensure that this does not happen to you and that your second chance is a true opportunity.

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